Too Long; Didn’t Read

I feel a little controversial this evening, because I’ve noticed a trend… People work really, really hard to create interesting content, and then others comment on it without reading the whole thing. Like how Chris Brogan didn’t read all of this giant post about internet scams on The Verge but still wrote a post commenting on it. ^That’s the clearest example I could find, but you see it a lot in forums and on twitter. “Too long, didn’t read.” People want the cliff notes. The short version. We call it “curation,” and I kind of hate it as a practice. I had a dude email me once asking me to “explain how to link an image using HTML.” So I pointed him to this post about how to use basic HTML with a code snippet for what he was trying to do. He emailed me back saying he didn’t want to read it, he just wanted the code. The code that was about a paragraph down in the first section. Or that he totally could have just Google searched, because it’s HTML 101. Face, meet palm. It happens in customer service too. A customer posts on a support forum asking a simple question, and a moderator responds with a canned response or a link to a piece of totally unrelated documentation. I’ve actually seen reps get hostile about issues they think are common sense, when they clearly didn’t read down to the original question in the first place. Guys…this is not acceptable. Why You HAVE to Read We (you and I, with respect to our chosen niches) call ourselves experts, but you can’t be an expert if you don’t do your research. Maybe nobody told you that yet. You don’t really learn from snippets and excerpts. Remember those reading tests in high school? Yeah. Not to mention, content is more effective when it’s accurate. You may have hated the 50 Shades of Gray fad, but did you even know why? Could you have told someone about the hundreds of times the word “murmur” is used to justify the books as shitty writing? Because that’s hilarious but requires a bit of willpower. Look, if you want to share your knowledge and better the world, you actually have to have knowledge first. The online world is still mostly text, and that text can be misinterpreted if you’re only reading the titles and moving on. Be unique and absorb the information your peers are developing. If I can do it, you can do it. I know that because I watch hours and hours of television and still have time to write stuff like this. Go read something now!

I’m not a dude: my makeover

So DOMA was repealed, which is awesome. No wait I need a stronger word. Umm. Euphoric? I’m still single but the possibilities of future happiness are opening up everyday, is my point. While everyone was celebrating, I was celebrating on accident by going shopping with one of my friends. But this was no ordinary shopping trip. It was a baby step towards revamping/updating my style so that I could look more like a woman. Editing Note: Someone who knows way more about transgender issues than I do left a helpful comment below about gender identities and sexuality and such. I’ve left the original offending (sorry!) paragraph below so you can see what I did wrong and learn from me. Everyone should identify however they like, and my sentence was because of the two “lesbian” friends I’ve had who then decided to come out again as trans (F to M) people, which is where the below paragraph comes from. My bad, and hopefully I didn’t ruin anybody’s day! When it comes to being a lesbian, a lot of girls who like girls progress to more interesting/fluid gender identities like agender or transgender or “butch.” It’s part of the “coming out” process. Sometimes you “come out” twice. I’ve always been a girl, just not girly. I don’t have short hair because I’m a lesbian (duh). I have short hair because working with my insanely long hair was a severe cause of stress. (You can see what it looks like on a good day in this post.) There’s no excuse for the clothing, though. I’m just self-conscious, so I’ve found a look that works. For years. Every day. Except it doesn’t, really. Yes there’s a collage. Hashtag #HireNicoleLongstreath I was introduced to Nicole Longstreath of The Wardrobe Code via Young Female Entrepreneurs. Nicole is so amazing that she stepped out of her disturbingly fabulous comfort zone to try and help me get inspired. Her inspiration led me to go out and build my own style board. What would the ideal Corey look like? (Aside from 10 pounds lighter, of course. Freaking boneless wings addiction.) Unveiled: Some New Clothes for Summer Here is the result of my baby step towards a grown-up Corey. Basically V-necks and pants that fit. Also the only mirror I “own” is in the bathroom, so deal with the shower. I’m excited for when Fall rolls around so I can buy more interesting clothing. I actually got a pair of cropped ankle jeans but my counter would have gotten in the way of seeing them. Sorry, ladies. I have very nice ankles, though. Progress is being made. Both in society and in my closet.

How I make honest living online

In my last post I summed up my 2012 success in 15 seconds, but I wanted to take the time to write a longer piece, mostly because a lot of you want to know how I “make money online.” I guess I should start with a disclaimer: I’m not rich. I drive a 2007 Kia, use a macbook my Mom bought me back in 2010 as a graduation present, and get my hair cut at Great Clips. But I can pay my rent and feed my puppy and buy toilet paper, so I’d count it as a successful year. Now, let’s travel back in time to October 2011… The Great “Fall” of 2011 It was around early October 2011 when I decided to quit college. This was just a few months after I quit my job at Headway Themes, so my parents weren’t thrilled. Basically I was cut off from financial support and expected to cover my rent, car note, car insurance, food, and etc. all by myself, which is a reasonable reaction to totally not listening to any advice from your parents who worked hard to give you the opportunity to go in the first place. I basically hated life until around December. I was stressed out all the time and struggling to find myself, wasn’t yet on the medication I need to manage my OCD and sleep, and I was completely out of money. I was working at Gamestop as a seasonal employee, so I managed to keep my head above the water. I ate McDonald’s, only ate about once or twice a day, and had to borrow gas money from a friend just to get to work. Oh, and my best friend bought me toilet paper and tampons once because I couldn’t afford them. I actually asked for rent for Christmas, and finally worked out a deal with my Dad – I had until August (the end of my lease) to be able to pay for all of my own stuff, minus medical. Donning the “Expert” Cape Once More Fast forward to January, 2012. I was still shaken up from the whole ordeal of trying to manage being an authority (it’s stressful), but decided to start a new blog to coincide with the launch of Headway Theme’s newest version. The site was first called “” and was built with one goal in mind – get people to hire me to do anything and everything related to headway. I consulted, I built websites, I fixed websites, and I wrote a 10,000 word PDF guide to Headway themes called “Headway101.” It was exhausting. The issue was the same as before, when I quit working directly for Headway Themes: I couldn’t handle a business built solely around people contacting me directly. Talking to people is fun, but having to fill every waking hour with client work and email and phone calls was driving me crazy. So I decided it was time for a change. I renamed the site to Headway101 […]

The power of Love spells, a warning and guide

In this meandering, it will be discussed the ever present theme of Love Spells and furthermore offer some direction on the utilization of any spell, work or elixir for manipulative purposes. By manipulative purposes, it is alluding to a work where the subject of said working doesn’t know it is being acted upon, nor have they agreed to such a working. In the following article, circumstances will be examined where Love Magic is suitable and does not disregard the White magic principle. Obviously this is not supposed to put anyone on the spot and it is not meant to humiliate anybody. These are basically the conclusions reached on a subject which gets batted around often. From the amount of traction that this subject gets from the individuals who have committed or witnessed these errors, it seems obvious that they are shared by the larger part of those who are knowledgeable about this theme. The essential question one must consider before undertaking any custom working, particularly where Love Magic is concerned is, “is this going to harm someone?” After posing the following questions, one can adequately investigate the motivations to either legitimize or reject the working. “What is my plan in playing out this work?” “Is this spell or work being spurn by outrage, scorn, desire, covetousness or envy?” On the off chance that one’s response to question number 1 is found inside question number 2, then as supporter of the Light Path, then the person in question should relinquish this spell or work since it won’t be bringing you good karma. In like manner, if point 1 is replied by question 2 and the person practicing proceeds, they can no longer legitimately tell that white magic was used. A white magician won’t utilize manipulative magic to adversely impact another for their very own advantages. The entire reason for taking after this way is to live in amicability and adjust with the regular rhythms of life, not to control them to suit a narrow minded objective. Now, these persons have to allude themselves as an adherent of the Dark Path since manipulative magic for individual gain without thought of the result falls inside that domain… These may look like brutal words, but they are made to make the reader think long and hard about this subject and not take it lightly. It should be noted that once you make and discharge this energy as an idea, it will obtain life, shape and substance of its own. It will run its course, and the ultimate result through the laws of circumstances, may not be what it is wanted or expected. The potential for extraordinary evil to both the person practicing as well as other people are unmistakably clear in such work. Through the laws of magic, the casualty will start to fall pitifully in love with the counterpart of the love spell to such an extent that they turn out to be progressively needy over a long period of time. They can […]


28 Proven & Simple Ways To Improve Your Productivity

TRICK #1 BREATHE IN- BREATHE OUT By doing this trick you’ll be able to this distraction your breathing passages and that will help you calm your brain activities. This results to clearer thinking and better results in whatever you are doing. Breathe in for 3 seconds. Hold your breath for 3 seconds. Then breathe out of your mouth for 3 seconds. Repeat the process for 5 cycles. TRICK #2 MOVE IT 15 Minutes Is All Yon Need. You can walk, you can run. Do whatever you want. The important thing is to get your blood pumping. You should notice that after doing this exercise you’ll feel more vibrant and ready to take action! TRICK #3 SAY NO Learn to say NO to people’s request. By saying YES most of the time, you’ll find yourself doing the things you hate and the things that sucks the hell out of your time. TRICK #4 DRINK WATER Drink 10 Glasses of water every single day. You have less energy if you are dehydrated. TRICK #5 Commute University If you commute a lot (say 2-4 hrs/day). Use this time to listen to audio books. You’ll be amaze at how much stuff you’ll be able to study just by turning your commute time into a commute university. TRICK #6 Toilet University The average human goes to the bathroom for 12 months in their lifetime. Imagine what you can accomplish by reading books while doing your business there. TRICK #7 USE A THEME OF THE DAY INSTEAD OF A TO DO LIST Most people are obsessed on their To-Do List (which never gets done by the way). Instead of writing a to-do list, write the theme of the day or theme of the week. Let’s say you have a project which is to get a website up and running. Set your theme of the day/week as “Stress Free Article Writing” Write this on a note and put it on the monitor of your computer to remind you that you should be stress free while creating your project. Instead of having a negative connotation on your project, you attach it to the word “stress free” which then helps you get your article done faster and better. TRICK #8 DEADLINE Nothing in this world will be accomplished without a deadline. Use it. TRICK #9 THE DREADED LIST Make a list of top 5 most important things to finish today. Rate them from 1 to 5. Five being the most important. Got the list? Throw 1-4 away and do #5. TRICK #10 YOUR GUT When it comes to big decisions, decide by using your gut. Your brain is too mess up to trust most of the time. TRICK #11 SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK? Heck no! Sleep 8-10 hours per day. It helps your body reset itself. Don’t follow sleep TRICKs where you get to sleep 4-5 hours a day. Don’t do it. Life’s too short for you to die early. TRICK #12 Stretch Your Body TRICK #13 The […]

How to Stay Debt-Free?

How to Stay Debt-Free? When there are challenges to the monthly budget that you set, there are ways to make ends meet without sacrificing your basic needs. Here are some of the top tips to help you in those challenging times: 1. Save Bonuses for Debt Payment – Wage increase, bonuses, and other additional perks that are not part of your net income can be used as a “buffer” to your monthly budget. Most people will use bonuses for enjoyment, so most of them either end up adding another one on their credit list or wondering where their bonuses have gone. Instead of spending money on going to bars to `celebrate’ or buying another gadget, use your bonus to pay your debt. You can enjoy later, when all your debts are gone but for now, spend it on something useful. If you get a raise, or a bonus, pay one item on the list IMMEDIATELY. Your regular schedule and monthly budget should stay the same, that way, you paid something that is unexpected. If the bonus is big enough to get rid of an item on your list, then pay that item. If it is below the minimum payment for any of your listed items, save it for when your chosen payment date comes. That way your budget will be higher. 2. Use Free Money for Debt Payment Immediately – When you get a discount on your lunch because of a promotional offer, or perhaps someone treated you to dinner, you are creating free money. Free money is something that comes from discounts, gifts, rebates and rewards. Just like bonuses, free money can be added to your monthly budget. Do not hesitate to take advantage of free money that is offered to you. Use the money that you saved for paying your debt. 3. Strike a Deal – Some creditors can be fierce when asking for payment, but there is nothing that diplomacy cannot solve. If there comes a time when you really cannot produce the monthly budget that you set, strike a deal with your creditor. You will be surprised to find out that most creditors are not as cruel as they may seem. Most of them will accept promissory notes and provide deadline extensions. All it takes is a good explanation and sincerity in displaying your willingness to pay. 3. Search Your Closet – There is always something to sell. Search your closet for cool stuff that you can sell online or even to your friends. These should be things that you are glad to let go of, not those that you still have sentimental feelings about. In other words, look for junk. What is junk to you may still be of some value to someone. Selling the things you do not need is a good way to extend your budget, and clean your closet. 4. Borrow, Ask for Favors or Do-It-Yourself – It would benefit you greatly if you stop buying things that you will only use […]

Which Payment Strategy Should You Use?

Which Payment Strategy Should You Use? Setting priorities is easier said than done, so to help you choose which of the 3 versions of your credit list will be best for you, here are the payment strategies that are employed for each version: 1. Due Date Payment – Credit list arranged by date -This is probably what you’ve been doing right now. Your monthly credit list will look like this (for the sake of simplicity, we’ll set the interest rate to 1% per month and the minimum payment to 5% of the balance): Debt Balance Interest Rate/month Due Date Item 1 2000 1% 8-Feb Item 2 4000 1% 28-Feb Item 3 6000 1% I-Mar Let’s say your monthly budget is 1000 and your chosen date is 5, you can pay these three items in the list by February 5 with a 280 change. You will then have to add the 280 change to the next month’s budget so you will have 1280 budget by March 5. It is simple if you only have 3 items in the list within the monthly period. This strategy will help avoid any late fees and penalties. However, it would be problematic if you have more items within the pay period, for example: Debt Balance Interest Rate/month Next Due I Rem 1 2000 I% 8-Feb Item 2 4000 1% 28-Feb Item 3 6000 1% 1-Mar Item 4 1000 1% 1-Mar Item 5 2000 1% 4-Mar Item 6 4000 1% 4-Mar For the sample list above, you would have to pay 1140 by Feb 5. That’s 140 above your monthly budget. Although you paid more items within your pay period, you will compromise some of your basic needs or perhaps other expenses just to try and get the 1140. Either that, or you move the payment for items 6 to the next pay period, which will incur late fees and will add up to the next month’s credit. Most people do it this way. This may seem like a good way to at least lessen the balance for other items, but doing it this way will be hard, because it is sure that you will be over the budget after the first month. 2. Outright Payment-Credit list arranged by amount – If you do it this way, your list will look like this: Debt Balance Interest Rate/month Next Due Item 4 1000 1% 1-Mar Item 1 2000 1% 8-Feb Item 5 2000 1% 4-Mar Item 2 4000 1% 28-Feb Item 6 4000 1% 4-Mar Item 3 6000 1% 1-Mar The goal of outright payment is to decrease the number of creditors immediately. It can be done by paying 100% of the budget to the first item in the list. In the example above, you can pay Item 4 by February 5. You may have late fees for the other items next month, but your list is down to 5. Another way to do it is to choose 2 items and divide the monthly fee in half to […]

How Much Do You Owe?

How Much Do You Owe? Finally, just as you were about to check out, you see a promotional offer for a camping trip in a tropical I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the The increase in number of people who are overwhelmed country <book now>, which is the same country where your book, Debt Free Living: The Ultimate Guide to Get out of Debt Now by debt these days is astounding. In the 90’s, most people will either favorite band will play their last gig, near a Jazz club and Be Debt Free for Life. This book contains information on how to owe some cash from a neighbor for hospital emergency or will owe <reserve>, across a famous five-star hotel. Just a few get out of debt fast and effectively so you don’t need to stress about the bank some money for housing, auto, and study loans. clicks and before you know it, you already owe some company from that debt. Institutions providing loans were fewer then, so an individual’s Asia an enormous amount of money. But don’t worry! Your credit With credit cards, home mortgages, student loans more and personal debt was much easier to track. This past decade has been card will make everything easier for you Just make sure you more people are getting into debt every single day. At first, you very different. Due to the advent of Internet-based marketing, more remember that you are still paying for your fridge and your high- probably don’t see the immediate effect when they take on your and more people make staggering loans without them realizing that end laptop, and that you are one month late in rent, and you owe debt… then it’s too late… you’re caught in the vicious cycle of they have gone so far. your friend John a hundred bucks when you lost a drag race bet, and working just to prevent your debt from increasing. This book will Internet shopping is highly addictive and web-based —you get it now, right?show you the most effective ways to get on the right path to loan sharks lurk everywhere in the world wide web. Imagine just Most people drown in their debts because they refuse to eliminate your debt. More importantly it will give you peace of looking for a camping tent online , then seeing a acknowledge that they already owe so much. Confronting your mind and you won’t have to worry about those debt collectors portable outdoor grill on the left-side of the screen credit is not an easy feat. It is hard to admit that you have spent or coming after you. Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope Afterwards, there is a video pop-up of a tutorial on how to make fire borrowed too much. However, the more you brood about it, the you enjoy it from nothing with an advertisement for a very cool-looking lighter sooner you need to do it. So how do you go about knowing how that you can get for a very low price if you also buy a […]