The power of Love spells, a warning and guide

In this meandering, it will be discussed the ever present theme of Love Spells and furthermore offer some direction on the utilization of any spell, work or elixir for manipulative purposes. By manipulative purposes, it is alluding to a work where the subject of said working doesn’t know it is being acted upon, nor have they agreed to such a working. In the following article, circumstances will be examined where Love Magic is suitable and does not disregard the White magic principle.
Obviously this is not supposed to put anyone on the spot and it is not meant to humiliate anybody. These are basically the conclusions reached on a subject which gets batted around often. From the amount of traction that this subject gets from the individuals who have committed or witnessed these errors, it seems obvious that they are shared by the larger part of those who are knowledgeable about this theme.

The essential question one must consider before undertaking any custom working, particularly where Love Magic is concerned is, “is this going to harm someone?”
After posing the following questions, one can adequately investigate the motivations to either legitimize or reject the working.

“What is my plan in playing out this work?”

“Is this spell or work being spurn by outrage, scorn, desire, covetousness or envy?”

On the off chance that one’s response to question number 1 is found inside question number 2, then as supporter of the Light Path, then the person in question should relinquish this spell or work since it won’t be bringing you good karma.

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In like manner, if point 1 is replied by question 2 and the person practicing proceeds, they can no longer legitimately tell that white magic was used. A white magician won’t utilize manipulative magic to adversely impact another for their very own advantages. The entire reason for taking after this way is to live in amicability and adjust with the regular rhythms of life, not to control them to suit a narrow minded objective. Now, these persons have to allude themselves as an adherent of the Dark Path since manipulative magic for individual gain without thought of the result falls inside that domain…

These may look like brutal words, but they are made to make the reader think long and hard about this subject and not take it lightly.
It should be noted that once you make and discharge this energy as an idea, it will obtain life, shape and substance of its own. It will run its course, and the ultimate result through the laws of circumstances, may not be what it is wanted or expected. The potential for extraordinary evil to both the person practicing as well as other people are unmistakably clear in such work.

Through the laws of magic, the casualty will start to fall pitifully in love with the counterpart of the love spell to such an extent that they turn out to be progressively needy over a long period of time. They can no longer function without being near the other person and lose their sense of direction. On the other hand, the other part can’t get a minute of peace since they must be with them continuously. They can no longer concentrate at work since they are calling at regular intervals. They turn out to be progressively desirous and possessive towards them and will strive to have the majority of the other person’s time.

Non-consensual Love Magic is an extremely powerful type of magic, as the performers are messing with their marks free will, and bending their spirit to the will of the subject of the work, and as such one must be certain about what you they are about to do.

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